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About Us

The Specialists Ltd.

Serving Film, Television and New Media since 1981.
The East Coast leader in prop weapon rentals has now expanded to become a full service prop house! We now possess a +100,000 prop inventory as well as offer fabrication services, special effects and custom graphic creation! Explore our capabilities below...

Who We Are

In 1981 Weapons Specialists Ltd., a company that provides the media industry with theatrical props and armorer services was founded by Rick Washburn. Since then Weapons Specialists has vastly expanded to become the largest theatrical weapons property house on the Eastern Coast of the Unites States. In 2010 Weapons Specialists expanded again to become "The Specialists Ltd" to provide a full range of prop services from graphics and special prop building to prop rentals and expendables. The Specialists now ship props and provide services to productions to the entire eastern seaboard and beyond.

Our History


Weapons Specialists Ltd. (WSL) becomes incorporated.


WSL moves to its SoHo location.


WSL launches its first website.


WSL starts a prop fabrication department.


WSL opens a full service prop house and becomes The Specialists Ltd. (TSL)

Our Mission

The Specialists delivers the highest quality support to entertainment industry professionals through our resourceful fabrication, weapon and prop rental departments. As the only full service prop house in the Eastern United States we aim to deliver unparalleled service anywhere in the world.

The Specialists

Our strength is in who we employ and the tools we provide them to deliver swift and quality service. Meet the leaders of our team below:
Rick Washburn, Founder, President
Ryder Washburn, Vice President

Project Highlights

Over the years we have helped films, television shows, new media companies, and theatrical productions execute a wide range of projects with compelling results. View more of our projects.





Our Services

Props Rental

Whether you are looking for news cameras, forensic equipment, fake drugs, or household items, we have everything you need in our vast inventory of over 100,000 props.

Weapons Rental

We are the largest theatrical weapons property house on the East Coast. In addition to the 5,000 blank-firing weapons in our inventory, The Specialists also supplies “replicas” and “non-guns” for all your on-set needs. Our inventory ranges from Paleolithic knives to Russian tanks and our weapons experts are on hand to make your next project a safe and successful one.

Weapons Training

If you are a film professional looking to improve your handling of weapons then look no further. We have world renowned trainers on hand to help you with anything from actor training to stunt choreography.


Our team of talented artisans and craftspeople cover a wide range of skills including metalworking, fabric manipulation, and mechanical special effects to bring the highest quality fabrication. We are accustomed to working within tight budgets and time frames as well as devising innovative solutions for unheard of challenges.

Special Effects

Dream the impossible and there will be a Specialist who can make it a reality. From explosives to atmospheric effects our SFX department will help you with any special effect needed. We also stock a comprehensive SFX equipment inventory.

Prop Graphics

Our industry requires more custom graphics than ever before. From custom cell phone graphics to prop newspapers The Specialists are capable to create any to your specifications. Other graphic services include license plates, passports, driver’s licenses, credit cards, and much more.
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